Up In The Sky..

Here I am, sitting on a plane looking through the clouds. My mind is wondering at the speed of the plane so I thought I may as well write something down.

See the things is a love travel. You know the things most people hate about travelling like the living out of suitcase, no leg room, terrible food and annoying people around you on the plane. Like the ones you can hear eating their food, the children screaming and not to mention that terrible buzzing noice that comes from the plane it’s self. The thing is I’m seriously interested in those things, they don’t bother me and they all make me excited as these gestures are the reason for my dreams. They consist in making my dreams a reality.

See ever since I was a child I was driving down a mountain range with my family going on a holiday. Staring out the window the world seem so beautiful to me, seeing the lushes green nature, feeling the cold breeze work its way through the slightly open window,  in that moment I knew I wanted to see every inch of this world. I will never forget the feeling that I had in that moment, I’ve stuck to that feeling. The feeling that I felt I wanted to be able to give the community the opportunity to fulfil there desire to travel. I want them to feel the feeling I had. So now I’ve developed my dream to become a travel agent at the age of 19.

During my travels I have this pure feeling of happiness but it’s more then just happiness actually. I want to be able to make the community feel that way. The warmth of my heart was unreal and words can’t describe it.

Seeing the world from above is so breathtaking. We are so fortunate to be able to fly the way we do and I’m so thankful for the invention of transport. Social media was also a major impact to the love of travel as I got to see what the world was like through other people’s eyes.

See this is a chapter of life that I love to read out loud. I tend to find myself more when I travel, it improves the person I am and I’m so grateful to have this experience at such a young age. I’m a person who is afraid to stay the same, I hate routine and I’m so in love with freedom. When I travel, I become the individual I want to be and I grow from my travels. Travel helps everyday life, you tend to be more content.

I’ve now realised to take life day by day and except what happens. I really do believe the saying everything happens for a reason. Seriously life couldn’t be more perfect at the moment. The thing is I’ve learnt how to control my thoughts now, the same way I pick out my clothing each day.

You know that feeling you get when your delayed. You finally board the aircraft and everyone is just so extremely worn out that it’s just pure silence. Everyone gets it. You connect in such a special way that you will have general mutual respect for each other. I love that. I love that breathtaking moment.


I’m Just Proud,

Remember as i said in my last blog, Im not good at writing and punctuation. Every post i would like to a give a quick life update. I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks as Ive had those busy life moments.  I will give you some reasons why, first would be, Im 19. In the last 3 weeks Ive been doing a lot of study to be able to graduate University in business and travel and tourism. Guess what I succeeded. I reached my goal to finish. Secondly being that i just brought my first home. Ive been filling in paper work and trying to get all the essentials to be able to live in it. Being 19 this takes some time because i really didn’t know what i was doing.

This takes me into what i wanted to talk about.  About a year ago, I was terribly sick. After a trillion and one doctors appointments going in and out of hospitals. Doctors couldn’t pin point what was wrong with me. I changed in a month. I went from being the bubbly, healthy, fit, happy kid that never stopped smiling and enjoying life to feeling as those i was a dead weight with no emotions. Its like everything i once was disappeared. I wanted to give up as i was done with trying to battle with my own brain, I really just wanted to be saved. My reality turned into my worst nightmare. As with my illness I lost all strength like i didn’t even have enough strength to cut up my own dinner or sit up straight. By having conversion disorder life got really challenging for me.

Here i am today realising. I loved proving myself wrong. Yes it was a lot of work to get through all those life challenges and I’m still going through it today. But I soon noticed that without the lows in life, you cant feel the intensity of the highs. You need to be able to feel the lowest of lows to feel the highest of highs. My teachers used get up me for having the illness that i couldn’t control, it made me feel even more worthless. My teachers and others would tell me I couldn’t be successful and that i would be nothing. I made myself live day by day. If i had a bad day I mentally got over the fact i wouldn’t carry it into the next. I soon gain to realise in my hospital bed that I tended to feel and get more and more alone. But then I knew,  i always had my imagination so I knew i wasn’t going to be alone at the end of this.

I really cant explain to you the happiness I felt when I graduated. It was such a big deal to me. I felt a bit of that bubbly, healthy, happy kid that never stopped smiling and enjoying life come back to me. I felt content with myself.

As you get the point, believe in yourself, you are the reason why your not succeeding. I was so incredibly proud to be able to say i accomplished so much at a young age and if it wasn’t because of the hard times, i wouldn’t of thought or acted the way I did to be where I am today. All i say is just keep pushing day by day sooner or later life will take an amazing turn. Strive to be that person who inspires others.

The best revenge ever is success. A good heart is bigger then anything. Use pain to earn success that defines you.  Be the person who loves to prove yourself wrong.


What My Mind Speaks…

You know what this is my very first blog post, I may not be the best at writing or punctuation or any literacy at all. Knowing my luck there will be thousands of mistakes, but I guess that’s life right? All I know is I had a thought to spread my word to whoever wants to tune in. Or maybe it was just for my own satisfaction to be able to speak whats on my mind anonymously.

Lately, I found this quote that said “Be the fork, not the Knife”. As for me this quote really stuck and got me thinking. I know you don’t know anything about me but I’m a person who really loves to interpret art into her life. By having are artistic mind I addressed this quote in several ways but I find it hard to express what on my mind.

Here’s where I want you to imagine, imagine eating dinner. Having your favourite meal, the most delicious meal that quenches your taste buds. You have a fork in one hand. It lets you put food into your mouth and stay alive. By eating from a fork helps keep you from germs that your hands consist of. The fork is smooth with no rough edges. When I think of a fork all it does is help and make me happy.

But in the other hand, the knife is sharp. It’s around seven inches of cold steel, the knife has been murderous since its first making.  Knives cut up things, destroy the look of you’re favourite meal from the outside throughout. Knives have a feeling of darkness towards them. They carve marks in the plates or any surface for that matter. No matter if they are tiny or massive they still have that dangerous vulnerable razor-sharp edge.

For me I thought the meal represents my life as its my favourite thing to ever exist. The most important thing to me. The fork represents, being smooth with no rough edges, therefore life will run a lot smoother if you “Be the fork”. The fork always picks up the pieces that the knife left. The fork always makes the situation better if you think about it. Remember you always eat from a fork never a knife, everyone wants a fork first never the knife. As for the knife, it consist in having razor-sharp edges that can damage anything in its way. You don’t want to be the knife.

There is a million different ways to express this quote. I wish I could explain whats on my mind better and how I’m feeling towards “being the fork, not the knife”. But I guess that’s where my literacy lets me down. But since your reading this I would love if you convert your life into this quote as I really do believe it will help you out. As thats what it has done for me lately.

Here I am, just expressing what my mind speaks.